Egypt’s Story

Egypt has confronted major political and economic challenges in the past decade and the people of Egypt have made their voice clear in revealing their desire to rebuild their country onto the pathway of prosperity. Egypt continues to face its challenges in a very confrontational manner and is determined to reach a level of prosperity that Egyptian people well earned. Since 2014, Egypt has stabilised its security and political challenges in parallel with undergoing a major Economic reform program which included significant milestones such as flotation of the Egyptian pound, removal of oil subsidies, legislative reform focusing on business climate improvements in parallel with a social protection program to mitigate implications of the programs on the poorer social class.

The outcome of these sustainable and inclusive reform measures that Egypt was able to achieve has been numerous, including; a rise in Dollar reserves to break a record exceeding 45 billion US$ for the first time in Egypt’s history along with improvements on Egypt’s deficit of trade balance, not to mention the completion of an unparalleled number of Mega projects that revamped Egypt’s infrastructure to pave the way for attracting more direct investment and increasing production levels by focusing on industrial and technology investments to facilitate creation of more jobs.

Aside from our patriotic reason for wishing to be part of the New Egypt’s growth plan, we were always at the heart of Egypt’s story and have acquired significant understanding in the policy making and implementation of Egypt’s ambitious reform program.

With a business vibrant environment like Egypt many investors are keen to venture into the Egyptian market but need to be guided by experts who understand the details and are able to network them to the right channels to soundly land, manage and operate their investment or to preserve their legitimate acquired rights.

At Khodeir & Partners we focus on being your strategic partner in your investment quest in Egypt, through our different practice areas outlined below, under the umbrella of our Corporate, Project and Commercial Advisory practice (“Corporate Practices”) headed by our Founder & Managing Partner.

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