Corporate Structuring

Corporate Structuring and Restructuring Advice and Implementation

Some investors come to Egypt and do not have a pleasant experience as they are ill-advised or do not receive proper attention by their counsels. At Khodeir & Partners, we work closely with our clients to ensure they land their investment opportunity via the most efficient structure that maximises benefits offered by the Egyptian legal system. Be it a free zone, an onshore or SEC zone vehicle, we are mindful as to the most appropriate structure that suits your business needs and enjoys incentive packages offered in Egypt.

When it comes to land allocation procedures, challenges can be tricky in this area given the variety of legal structures available to allocate land in Egypt. We support you source the land that suits your investment on Egypt’s Investment Maps and offer you procedural and legal guidance to surf through the allocation process.

As for regulatory licenses, the procedures are numerous and depend on the exact activity you are contemplating; hence, carefully understanding the licensing process is crucial for the continued success of your business. We know all it takes and where to receive it, when it comes to your licensing process.

Therefore, in any of the three phases of your business establishment in Egypt, Incorporation, Land Allocation, Licenses and Regulatory Approvals at GAFI or other government bodies we are you’re your strategic partner for a smooth and safe journey in this realm.

Structuring or restructuring your business in Egypt requires a clear understanding of Companies Law, the Investment Law, Capital Markets Law and many other laws and regulations depending on the exact scope of the structure or restructuring process. In addition, the approval processes led at GAFI, but synchronised with other regulatory bodies, can be confusing if you are not well equipped with resources and expert advice, all of which we offer to our clients as one of our main practice areas.

We also support you on corporate governance requirements and procedures to comply with regulatory procedures before GAFI and all other relevant government bodies including ratification of minutes of meetings, capital increase and other procedures you will need to surf through when doing business in Egypt. Our network allows us to efficiently service you in the swiftest possible means.

With Khodeir and Partners all these challenges are well addressed and you are awarded sound expert advice and handling until completion of your business objectives.

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