About Us

Khodeir & Partners is a boutique Egyptian law firm serving clients locally, and from across the Globe, doing business in Egypt. For over two decades, our partners have been working with clients on their most delicate legal issues pertaining to corporate matters and related disputes. Before founding the Firm, our partners practised law in several jurisdictions and successfully led corporate and disputes teams and offices in leading Egyptian, regional and international law firms. This background enables us to understand the legal and business environments in which our clients operate, and to provide them with advice and solutions that are well-rounded and to the point.

Our Heritage

Khodeir & Partners has heritage backdating to 1930 when the founding father Aziz Khodeir established his boutique law office servicing corporate clients at the time. On the principles upon which classical law offices used to work, we decided to relaunch under Khodeir & Partners fostering these principles and building on our experience and knowledge acquired within the region and internationally.

Our vision

To be the leading boutique firm in Egypt and the MEA region, offering focused legal and consultation solutions to our pool of selected clients, fostering modern technology and classical principles of professional client relations and highest ethical standards.

Our Core Values & Principles

We founded our firm encompassing core values and principles that we genuinely believe in and do not compromise on, including the following:

Our clients are our focus and we will invest all our resources to efficiently and effectively service them offering competitive and well-crafted solutions in a partnership approach, targeting to jointly work with our clients to co-create value added services that they can appreciate and enjoy receiving from us in a rich human interactive experience.

We strongly believe that we have a national duty to contribute in sustainable and inclusive growth of our economy in Egypt and the wider MEA region, and will offer all forms of support and pro-bono activity as practicable as possible on top of services we offer to honour this cause. We do so not only for patriotic purposes, which we will do our utmost efforts to honour, but also realising that organisations, and even individuals, who are not part of a bigger cause are not sustainable and do not offer enough motivation to their staff.

Realising that in the services industry people are the core assets, we are very focused on people, be it our clients or our staff, to ensure we always leave a pleasant rewarding human experience to both our staff and clients.

We believe in empowering youth and women, and therefore we will always utilise all opportunities to service this cause to the extent we are relevant and can offer added value, aside from our recruitment policy that is built on these bases.

We believe that in today’s world many client relations are rushed, and not enough investment is put in delivering real added value. We also believe that the client attorney privilege and personal relation is indispensable. This has caused many businesses and individuals to search for their nostalgias and old days format. With our heritage backdating to 1930, we are very focused to offer our services adopting a classical approach in terms of professional ethics and quality of interpersonal relations with our client as well as client care we amplify when offering our services. All the above factors are indispensable for offering solid client care and therefore we reflect our attention to them in our servicing chain including our billing and invoicing methods. While adopting this classical approach in a world of AI, we are adopting the most up to date technology to effectively communicate with our clients and deliver our services swiftly.

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