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Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Our Dispute Resolution team regularly advises and represents international and Egyptian clients in a broad spectrum of industries.

Our lawyers have been involved in litigation and arbitration disputes related to investment, banking, maritime and international trade, construction, infrastructure, public utilities, energy, telecommunications, technology, hospitality, as well as distribution and agency matters.

Our initial approach is to help our clients avoid disputes and, to the extent possible, prevent them from materializing or escalating. From the very beginning, we work on identifying our opponents’ weaknesses, but also the risks our clients may face during a dispute. We use such assessment to leverage our clients’ position in avoiding a dispute and successfully resolving differences. When disputes become a must, we fiercely represent our clients’ interests in prosecuting or defending cases up to their successful resolution.

Our litigators have an excellent track record in winning litigation and arbitration cases.

Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers handle commercial and investment cases under the auspices of various arbitration institutions including the ICC, CRCICA, DIAC, SCAI, YCCA. We also handle Ad-hoc and UNCITRAL Arbitration.


A representative list of our experience includes:

  • Acting for the largest Middle Eastern construction design consultancy company in a USD 12 million CRCICA arbitration over claims related to design amendments.

  • Acting for an Egyptian pipeline’s contractor against an Italian employer in an ICC arbitration arising out of the construction of a compressions station in Al-Arish, Egypt.

  • Acting for a Middle Eastern Royal Family Member in ad hoc arbitration proceedings administered by the PCA in respect of a multi-million payment claim under English Law concerning shareholders’ disputes and operations of a hotel chain.

  • Acting for a Jordanian Airline Operator in ad hoc arbitration proceedings related to breach of a ground handling agreement and resulting payment claims.

  • Acting for shareholders of an agricultural and industrial group in multi-million dollars CRCICA arbitration in respect of breach of shareholders’ covenants and obligations.

  • Acting for an Egyptian industrial group against a UAE investment company in multi-million dollars CRCICA arbitration related to excessive interests resulting from a finance agreement.

  • Acting for a major road and infrastructure contractor in multi-million-dollar CRCICA arbitration related to the construction of an elite compound in New Cairo, Egypt.

  • Acting as local counsel in a USD 50 million ICC arbitration between a global manufacturer of weapons and a UAE entity concerning claims relating to fraud, embezzlement, and breach of armament contracts.

  • Acting for an Egyptian football player in a multi-million dollars dispute before the Appeals Division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport concerning breach of a transfer agreement, non-compete covenant, and ensuing damages.

  • Legal Expert in ICSID arbitration against a Middle Eastern state relating to investment laws and procedures.

  • Legal Expert in ICC arbitration on UAE law matters related to corporate responsibility, incorporation of entities, succession, and related liabilities.

  • Legal Expert in global litigation proceedings concerning claims above USD 19 billion.

  • Legal Expert in ad hoc arbitration proceedings in Cape Town, South Africa, on Egyptian law matters on importation and agriculture laws.

  • Acting for a regional telecom claimant in a USD 1.3 billion arbitration involving breach of the terms of an interconnection agreement against one of the world’s largest mobile operators.

  • Advising a Chinese technology giant with relation to a set of arbitration disputes arising out of agency agreements. 

  • Acting for a fixed telephone operator in a USD 1.1 billion arbitration against a mobile operator for breaches of an interconnection agreement. 

  • Acting for a fixed telephone operator in three arbitrations against prepaid calling cards operators. 

  • Acting for a regional hotel owner in two USD 140 million arbitrations over a sale-purchase agreement for hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh. Acting for a major Middle Eastern media agency in a multimillion CRCICA arbitration over the termination of a management and consultancy agreement and competition.

  • Acting for an Egyptian telecoms company in a CRCICA arbitration against an Italian investor over breach of a contract. Acting for a major Egyptian distributor in a multimillion arbitration before the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution related to breach of exclusive distributorship agreements.

  • Acting for a Spanish manufacturer of industrial metal material in an arbitration relating to a breach of an agency agreement against an Egyptian distribution company under CRCICA Rules. 

  • Acting for a major Egyptian maritime oil and gas service provider in a USD 3,640,000 dispute arising out of a charter party agreement against an Emirati oil company referred to arbitration under CRCICA rules.

Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers worked and represented clients in civil, criminal, and administrative proceedings before Courts of all degrees as well as before special dispute settlement forums such as the Ministerial Committee for the Settlement of Investment Contracts’ Disputes.


A representative list of our experience includes: 

  • Acting for the biggest Middle Eastern manufacturer and supplier of hygienic and paper products in over one hundred litigation cases in respect of employment, supply, distribution, consumer protection, competition, breach of payment obligations and tax claims.

  • Acting for an Egyptian bank against a group of borrowers involved in the sugar production industry in claims of EGP 350 million related to breach of finance agreements.

  • Acting for an Egyptian pipeline’s subcontractor against the employer in claims nearing USD 35 million related to the construction of a refinery project in Egypt.

  • Acting for an Egyptian mining company in a USD 20 million case before Administrative Courts for wrongful termination of a concession agreement.

  • Defending a Chairman and a CEO of a joint-stock company concerning criminal charges of embezzlement and forgery of the company’s funds.

  • Defending a textile manufacturer concerning criminal charges of tax evasion.

  • Acting for an Egyptian real estate developer before GAFI’s Ministerial Committee for Settlement of Investment Disputes concerning disputes with the New Urban Committees Authority arising out of a sale and development agreement for a compound in Sixth of October city in Egypt.

  • Acting against a government body before Administrative Courts for refusing to grant a license for a company.

  • Acting for Egyptian football players before the Egyptian Football Association concerning termination of their agreements with an Egyptian club, transfer as free agents, and payment of outstanding monetary obligations.

  • Advising a major French telecom operator on the enforcement of a USD 800 million ICC arbitration award related to the acquisition of a local mobile operator. 

  • Acting for a major Egyptian importer and UAE exporter of grain and feed in criminal matters related to importation to Egypt of infested wheat.

  • Acting for a major bank with international operations against Egyptian, Swiss, and UAE traders in criminal cases for misappropriation of grain and feed on customs’ areas in Egyptian ports.

  • Acting for a Maltese bank for settlement of a dispute over, and release of, clearing grain and feed imported into Egypt. Acting for a European group for manufacturing of infrastructure products in an investment dispute concerning a breach of a supply contract before the Ministerial Committee for the Settlement of Investment Contracts’ Disputes.

  • Acting for a hotel owner in court proceedings ancillary to a Cairo Regional Centre arbitration over ownership of a hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh.

  • Acting for an Egyptian mining company in a USD 20 million case before Administrative Courts.

  • Acting for a hotel owner on the enforcement of an arbitration award involving the transfer of shares and surrendering of hotels. Acting for a regional real estate developer on the annulment of an arbitration award in a dispute with large financial institutions. 

  • Acting for a major British supplier of energy products in a challenge before the Administrative Court against an administrative decision regarding sales tax. 

  • Acting for a giant German manufacturer in a set of civil and criminal lawsuits and interim measures before Economic Courts relating to trademark infringements. 

  • Acting for a major mobile operator in a set of lawsuits before Economic and Administrative Courts concerning capital market disputes. 

  • Acting for a major Egyptian marine services provider in a lawsuit relating to a saturation diving contract. 

  • Acting for a European group for the manufacturing of Oil and Gas tools in a dispute relating to a breach of an agency agreement against a local company for oil and gas services in Egypt under the ICC Rules.

  • Advising a major international mobile manufacturer concerning a dispute arising out of a distribution agreement against an Egyptian non-exclusive distributor.

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